Tarot Readings


Are you interested in a tarot reading which connects you with your own inner guidance? Do you believe that the tarot is both a magical and spiritual practice as well as a tool for mental health and wellbeing? Contact me!

Much of what I do involves writing, editing, visual arts, and teaching. However, I am also what some might call a “hedge witch.” I have no coven. Rather, I practice and study magic independently in my home.  In my early professional years, after obtaining a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, I counseled and supported survivors of domestic and sexual violence and children and teens in substitute care across the midwestern United States. About six years ago, I began studying herbalism and implementing holistic herbal care at home. My studies continue as I begin sharing this magic with others. I have always been a healer.

I’ve been reading tarot for about 2.5 years. This means that I still have much to learn. For this reason, all of my readings are offered on a donation-basis only. If a reading speaks to you and you would like to offer a monetary donation in exchange for the time, energy, and message, I can accept such offerings by paypal (mallorydowd@gmail.com). Most importantly, I ask for feedback after a reading. What was accurate and what wasn’t? What resonated, and what didn’t? Feedback is vital for readers, as it helps us learn, grow, and improve.

I turned to tarot as a mental health and spiritual practice after moving abroad. I found that it helped me connect with my deepest self and to manage the ups and downs, uncertainties, and stressors of expat life. Right now, many of us are spending more time alone, which can bring up a lot of questions and anxieties, and for some, previously undiscovered aspirations and desires. The world is changing, and so is our collective consciousness. Energetically, this is a very powerful time. Tarot is a great way to explore these deep questions, seek guidance, and begin to make positive change toward our goals and aspirations. I believe that pleasure is a sacred birthright and this theme often comes up in my readings, especially if there is the presence of struggle and difficulty. I aim to help querents identify areas of their life in which they can bring in more pleasure, presence, and alignment.

I see tarot as both a form of very real magic and a tool for mental health and wellbeing. I blend traditional symbolism with intuitive connection to offer a supportive yet honest lens into one’s life or current situation. I love in-person readings, since these are more like a conversation, drawing upon the querent’s own intuitive response to the cards. However, at this time, my e-readings include suggestions and questions/prompts for journaling or meditation to guide you in further exploring what comes up in the cards. 

Code of Ethics

When reading for others, I follow a code of ethics, described below:

  1. My readings aim to empower the querent to bring awareness and positive change into their lives. We are not bound by fate. A tarot reading is a snapshot of your current situation and potential future, should you continue on your current path. Readings can identify underlying issues, unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior, root issues, and potential challenges and gifts that lay ahead. However, how you move forward with this information is entirely up to you. My readings aim less to predict the future and more to identify archetypal energies, patterns, and needs. For a purely predictive reading, you may wish to reach out to another reader.
  2. I will read the cards to the best of my ability and conduct readings with honesty and openness. This includes sharing difficult messages but it also means telling you if I am unable to interpret the cards.
  3. All readings are confidential. The exception to this is if a querent is actively suicidal or committed a violent crime. In these cases, I would be obliged to share certain information with the relevant authorities.
  4. I welcome querents of all cultures, religions, spiritual paths, sexual orientations, and gender identities. That being said, as a white, American, cisgender woman, I recognize the limitations of my own lens. I will always strive to recognize times when it is appropriate to decline a reading based on a lack of cultural competency.
  5. My readings are querent-centered. I do not give readings to discern what another person wants, or is thinking or doing. I don’t wish to work with the tarot in this way.
  6. I aim to include positive, affirming guidance aimed at empowering querents to meet and work with the gifts, energies, and challenges illuminated by the cards. This may include basic suggestions and questions for further contemplation by the querent.
  7. I will not give advice in areas in which I am not qualified. If the querent or their reading reveals a need to consult with a physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, or any other professional service provider, I will encourage them to seek such service from someone who is qualified in that area.
  8. My readings are strengths-based. I aim to identify and highlight the strengths and gifts a querent brings to their current situation.
  9. I will continue to practice and study, so that I can improve and grow as a tarot reader.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to being in divine connection with you at this time in your life’s journey.