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Are you interested in a tarot reading which connects you with your own inner guidance? Do you believe that the tarot is both a magical and spiritual practice as well as a tool for mental health and wellbeing?

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I turned to tarot as a mental health and spiritual practice after moving abroad. I found that it helped me connect with my deepest self and to manage the ups and downs, uncertainties, and stressors of living away from home. In the midst of a pandemic, many of us are spending more time alone, which can bring up a lot of questions and anxieties, and for some, previously undiscovered aspirations and desires. The world is changing, and so is our collective consciousness. Energetically, this is a very powerful time.

Tarot is a great way to explore these deep questions, seek guidance, and begin to make positive change toward our goals and aspirations. I believe that pleasure is a sacred birthright and this theme often comes up in my readings, especially if there is the presence of struggle and difficulty. I aim to help seekers identify areas of their life in which they can bring in more pleasure, presence, and alignment.

I see tarot as both a form of very real magic and a tool for mental health and wellbeing. I blend traditional symbolism with intuitive connection to offer a supportive yet honest lens into one’s life or current situation. My practice is influenced by my background in clinical social work and experience counseling survivors of trauma, my personal healing journey, my work as an artist and creator, and my magical practice. I have been working with the tarot for 5 years, and reading for others for about a year.

My practice seems to be evolving around the metaphor of the “hearth,” which reveals itself as the sacred center from which I hold space for self and others. A hearth is a place of great power and homecoming; it is the sacred fire around which we gather. This is what I aim to offer: a safe, warm space from which to peer into your own cauldron of change. I often find that through this practice, I am meeting folks who are just discovering or re-discovering their magic, their immense capacities to heal, their deepest desires. Together, we ask: “What am I capable of? What do I desire most? What gifts do I have to offer? What needs to shift and transform within and around me?”

What you should know about my readings:

Readings can be centered around a specific question or area of inquiry, or may delve into your life in general at this time. I tend to structure general readings around the interplay of mind, body, and heart. All of my readings aim to bring healing and empower seekers to cultivate awareness and positive change in their lives.

We are not bound by fate. A tarot reading is a snapshot of your current situation and potential future, should you continue on your current path. Readings can identify underlying issues, unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior, root issues, and potential challenges and gifts that lay ahead. However, how you move forward with this information is entirely up to you. 

Readings are guided by messages channeled through the cards and together, we move forward through a series of questions meant to bring insight from within you, the seeker. I like to work directly with you with the images, by asking what you see in a card and how you might interpret an image and its relevance to your situation.

I will not give advice in areas in which I am not qualified. If your reading reveals a need to consult with a physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, or any other professional service provider, I will encourage you to seek such service from someone who is qualified in that area.

I am currently offering in-person readings in Seoul and e-readings in the form of audio recordings (30-40 min) or zoom appointments (60 or 90 minutes). All readings are currently on a sliding scale, which starts at $5 for BIPOC and trans folks, and $40-70 for everyone else.

I also do event readings!