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Current Offerings:

Note: my payment system is changing. At this time, please schedule your session and send payment within 24 hours to hold your appointment.

30 Minute Tarot Reading ($50.00) BOOK NOW! A 30-minute reading focused on a specific question. A great option for those who don’t necessarily need a full reading or to explore an area in-depth. The aim is clear, direct guidance and brainstorming ideas for moving forward in one area of life. By phone or Zoom, or in person in Seoul (closest subway: Noksapyeong Station).

60 Minute Tarot Reading ($75.00) BOOK NOW! A 1-hour, in-depth tarot reading. A great option for times of transition, seasonal intention-setting, a general life check-in, or to explore one question, challenge, or area of life on a deeper level. Full readings are meant to activate your curiosity and intuition, leading to more empowered decision making, self-expression, clarity, and healing. By phone or Zoom, or in person in Seoul (closest subway: Noksapyeong Station).

45 Minute Recorded Divination ($75.00) – BOOK NOW! One of my favorite offerings! Schedule a 15-minute consultation by phone or Zoom to discuss your inquiries and intentions for the reading. Your audio recording will be delivered by email within 3 days, along with a PDF containing magical imagery and suggestions, journal prompts, and other relevant resources.

Sliding scale available for Black and Brown folks. No questions asked. Send an amount that works for you via paypal and include your name, email address, and desired offering. I will send a link to schedule your session.



“I got an amazing, detailed reading from Mallory that I’m really grateful for! It was my first time getting a reading and Mallory was very kind and guided me through everything. The reading was accurate, insightful and delivered perfectly with lots of detail. I would 100% recommend her for any kind of guidance and I’m really satisfied with her service. Thank you once again!” -Mary-Jane R.

“Mallory! Thank you so much! I have been evoking and embracing every card, word and feeling since our meeting. Its been a beautiful experience to visualize the cards whenever I felt conscious of my state of mind and my surroundings. They had become a powerful reminder that accompany me everyday. And your heartfelt and wise words became my mantra to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with me and to reconnect with all the potential, love, compassion and power I have within me.” –Maria S.

“Mallory’s reading offered me such helpful and intuitive guidance. Rather than telling the future, she invited me to  reflect and contemplate through her intuitive insights. The audio she sent was amazing – it brought me to tears the first time I listened. I’ve listened several times since, and gain something new and insightful each time. I’m so thrilled that tarot has become such a beautiful outlet for her many talents.  Thanks, Mallory.” –Anne Marie O.

“Mallory has such a beautiful energy about her! She really assists you to delve into yourself; seeing what message the universe is trying to tell you and answer your questions. The details of the tarot reading from the numbers on the cards to the symbolism in the pictures are covered by her, every card has energy for a specific person! The reading I had with her gave me so much clarity and comfort in the fact that I can have a “grey area” of life and be happy in it, reinforcing my view on life and that I don’t have to resort to cut and dry scenarios. I can set energetic boundaries and still keep connections that bring comfort! She also helped me conquer my fear of pentacles.” –Cayla T.

“Mallory did a career-spread reading for me that was so deeply insightful I couldn’t believe it! Not only was her interpretation of the cards so fitting, but I walked away from our conversation with some amazing journaling prompts, pages and pages of notes, a boatload of inspiration and a drive to get to work on all of the things that had come up during the reading. I try to get my cards read as regularly as I can – and my reading with Mallory was the most powerful one of my life thus far! Her intuition & level of care she infuses into her work is one of a kind. Highly recommend the approachable, empathic, magical work of Mallory!” –Jessika S.

“Reading with Mallory was a delightful, refreshing, and enlightening experience. She approaches tarot not with the idea that she has something to show you, but that you have something to find within yourself. It is a collaborative, guided effort toward introspection on a deep, spiritual level. Even for someone like me, who prides themself on being self-aware, it opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn’t considered before and challenged me in ways I hadn’t thought to challenge myself. It was overall a very encouraging and enriching experience. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.” –Ira S.

“Mallory has a very grounded and comforting presence, and even before your reading, you feel better knowing she is tuning into your experience, with the aim of assisting you in finding your answers. Mallory brings her experience in Social work and therapy and approaches her readings in an ethical manner, using the cards to work through a question or issue you have in your life. She has an uncanny ability to read into what you need but also encourages you to think about, journal on, and reflect on the story the cards reveal.  It is an interactive session, in which she guides you to take a look at what you may be ignoring, what you could develop further, and maybe even what to celebrate that you aren’t giving attention to. In the end, you walk away with a new possible narrative for your circumstance. And a sense of magic. HIGHLY recommend a session with Mallory, for whatever it is you are questioning in your life right now.” -Jen W.

“Mallory is deeply connected to the cards that it was evident throughout. Her aptitude for tarot is extraordinary and her perceptiveness leads her to profound insights. The style of the reading was unlike any other I’ve experienced before, but I found it to be refreshing and healing. I received this reading from her at a time when I was feeling diminished and broken inside. Mallory’s calming and compassionate presence was so appreciated. She was able to unlock freeing realizations that allowed me to move forward without so much fear of the future. She is truly gifted and one remarkable human being. She is one of the most genuine, present, intuitive individuals I’ve ever met. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending you so much love!!!” –Danielle O.

“The reading I received from Mallory was 100 percent accurate. Mallory’s reading confirmed so many messages and guidance I have already been receiving from source and my guides throughout this year. I have had quite a number of Tarot readings but my experience with Mallory is by far one of the most profound. She was able to identify my unique gifts and guided me on what I need to do to strengthen those gifts to be of service. What I loved most was the fact that she was able to hold space in a loving way by providing accurate insights and relaying information in a supportive and constructive way. She was even able to explain the “scarier” cards in an empowering way. From the deck she uses to the spread she chooses to use, she is always guided by spirit. She sent beautiful pictures of the spread and an audio file detailing her insights step-by-step. She is not only a highly intuitive tarot reader / channel but is also an artful spaceholder and healer.  Thank you, Mallory!” –Celeste K.

“It was truly lovely to connect with you for our reading. I felt too close to my issue, too fogged, too scattered. You instantly imbued the atmosphere with a calm and openness that my spirit desperately needed to feel. I actually booked the reading with love being the topic heavy on my mind. However, during our introduction chat, I realised that wasn’t my true concern. You were very patient with me and helped me unravel my tangle of thoughts to direct my focus and energy into the right places. We spent a great amount of time studying the cards. You consistently helped encourage my own intuition during the reading. I’m assured knowing that when I find myself tangled and frazzled, I have a kindred spirit I can turn to for re-calibrating. Thank you, Mallory!” –Janelle S.

“Mallory was absolutely incredible. Firstly, she took her time and she dedicated that time to me and my reading alone (I was also nervous that with so many requests she would be rushing through them). I got the sense that while she was spreading the cards with me in mind, she was 100% focused and attentive to this being my time, with her and the cards. She interprets the cards beautifully and she has such a calming and charming energy to her that came through on her audio. I wanted very much to meet her in person. I can’t wait to get another read when the time calls for it. I would highly, highly recommend!!” –Sandra V.

“Mallory, thank you. After our meeting yesterday I put a lot of time into delving into the meaning of the cards, reviewing my notes, researching the symbolism of the mermaid, and journaling. I’ve already made some helpful connections and I am leaning into self-trust. I know I have more journaling and reflecting to do, but I am happy to share once it is all out. I am also fully embracing the mermaid within. 🙂 The amount of energy you put into reading was apparent. I was moved by the follow-up email and I have already started exploring the list. I can see how much effort and thought you put into choosing resources that would help me.” –Erica S.

Coming Soon:

90 Minute Tarot Storytelling – A 90-Minute creative, divinatory ritual session.

Selkie Sessions – Work with me over a season or cycle to call in transformation, dive deeper into self-exploration, connect with a community of magical shapeshifters, and return home to yourself.