Where am I?
I’m currently living in Seoul, South Korea in a neighborhood filled with friends and fellow artists.  I work in the international student services office at a university and am trying my hardest to perform and share my art as often as I can.

I’m currently reading: Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett

What I’m working on right now:
1. Planning and running fun, low-level Dungeons and Dragons 5E adventures for my husband and friends, many of whom are actors and therefore super fun to play with. I have the goal of someday writing and publishing my own adventures; for now, I’m running pre-written modules purchased on the dmsguild. I’m taking notes on what I like about each adventure with the goal of reviewing them from the perspective of a new DM who is interested in narrative and character over other aspects of the game.

2. Preparing for auditions for an upcoming play festival here in Seoul. I’m going to be directing a wonderful one-act play, my first directorial gig since my high school senior play: a pretentious, overly sentimental adaption of The Little Prince featuring all of my best friends.

3. Drawing every day, or close to it. I want to start working more on perspective and backgrounds.

4. Making my way through my tarot decks. I currently own the Wild Unknown deck and the gigantic, lush Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot deck. My card for August is The Empress and I’d be lying if I said that her active, abundant energy didn’t inspire me to revamp my personal website, send out my resume, and get shiny new headshots!

I’m very inspired right now by:
On Being with Krista Tippett, a project that keeps me grounded and helps me see the bigger picture during this tumultuous time.
Wizard on the Wynd, a Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast with a fantastic setting and a great group of roleplayers.

Where to interact with me:
I write mainly about D&D on Twitter, and share my illustrations, photographs, and tarot readings on Instagram.

This page inspired by Austin Kleon.