About Me


Photo by Hope Kim

Hi, I’m Mallory! 

I’m a professional intuitive tarot reader. I claim many names and roles: MSW, writer, artist, performer, teacher, narrative designer and editor, dungeon mistress, and witch. Part selkie, part swamp hag, I am a cauldron of wild: a wandering bard, a sun child, a hearthfire. I am a lover of stories and myth and of the unfolding and mysterious spirals of life.

After receiving a BA in Creative Writing and Gender and Women’s Studies in 2008, I went on to complete a Master’s degree in Social Work in 2010. I spent six years working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence and children and adolescents in foster care in rural Michigan and Chicago. As a Virgo Rising/Moon, I have always been driven to service. I am a childhood survivor of emotional abuse, domestic violence, and alcoholism and have lived a lifetime cycling in and out of healing through various modalities. I relate to those who describe themselves as “wounded healers.”

When I was 19, I was sexually assaulted by a friend in my home. Almost immediately, I turned to activism, organizing Take Back the Night events and poetry readings and co-creating a sexual assault prevention program at my university. These communities nourished and protected me, lit sacred fires of rage and truth-speaking within me. Looking back, I can see how I was embodying the spirit and strength of Artemis. For years, I longed to be a protector. It was around this time that a friend gifted me The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. This pivotal text planted the seed of magic in my life, which sat dormant for years.

In 2013, I moved to South Korea with my beloved. Moving away from home and embarking on such a major journey called in a sense of freedom, courage, and self-reflection. At the same time, l began to feel disconnected and lost. I realized how dissociated I had been since childhood, how my body had learned to wisely care for me by numbing out. I saw a therapist trained in Mindful Self-Compassion and started working with plant medicine, elemental magic, and the tarot as tools for my healing and transformation. As a writer, I immediately found a well of healing – and my voice – in blending tarot and poetry, storytelling, and mythic imagination. Shortly thereafter, Selkie visited me in the form of the Queen of Cups. She called me back to my inner ocean, where ancient wreckage and invaluable treasure sat waiting to be reclaimed. I have been returning to that landscape again and again ever since.

I have been studying and working with the tarot for about 5 years and giving readings professionally since early 2020. My practice is influenced by my professional background in social work, my belief in self-determination, my love of stories, and my lived experience with trauma, abuse, depression, and anxiety. As an intuitive reader, I blend divination with creative and collaborative exploration of the archetypes and images presented in the tarot.

My readings focus on healing and personal transformation (cauldron), holding space to explore your inner multitudes in a regenerative and nurturing environment (hearth). In many ways, this is hag magic: peering into the fire and casting spells of transformation. In another way, it can feel like sitting around a table with a cup of tea and a friend. Each of us contains multitudes: complexities and wild selves, limitless narratives and cycles. What would happen if we gathered around the fire of your becoming, peered into the flames and asked, “What is that unnamed thing tugging at my heart? What am I being called to see?”

Let us put words to the mysterious, shine a light in the dark, and point your lantern towards the path ahead.

I want to help you see how radiantly you shine.

I want to hold up a light of clarity so you can see how powerful, creative, and connected you are. Reclaiming your gifts allows you to show up for yourself, your communities, the collective, and the earth.

I want to help you return home, find what has been lost, and set out on the journey led by that voice deep within that whispers and howls and so wants to guide you.

I want to hold space that is creative and playful, nurturing and accepting, and deeply magical.

I want to see you shape-shift.

My offerings are influenced by my training in clinical and community social work, including the values of self-determination and unconditional positive regard. I aim to offer a creative, supportive, and non-judgmental space for exploration and insight. Much of what I know about the tarot has come from the work of Mary K. Greer, my daily practice and personal relationship to the cards, and the frameworks and reinterpretations offered by the marvelous Lindsay Mack. I co-create sacred space with my clients, our guides, and Spirit.

I am studying with Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s Lunar Apothecary and Katja & Ryn at the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. I have been deeply supported and guided by Celeste, intuitive coach and creator of the Celestial Collective. I am in the midst of learning the ways of the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft through personal study and coursework offered by the World Tree Lyceum.  And I am currently participating in The Magician’s Table, a workshop for emerging readers devised and stewarded by Britten LaRue. The moon is one of my wisest teachers and guides, reflecting what is so often hidden and ushering me into ever-shifting evolution, healing, and awareness.