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Photo by Hope Kim

The first play I ever performed in was Richard III, a Lansing Community College Summer Stage production in which I played a prince and had eight lines. I was nine years old and I got to stand on a chair and yell at adults, which I found thrilling. This initiated a deep love affair with the stage for many years, followed by a nearly decade-long hiatus during which I pursued creative writing, social work, and teaching.

Since moving to Seoul in 2017, I’ve performed in five Seoul Players productions, including a role as Beline in the company’s 2018 production of Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid. In June 2018, I was honored to win the Best Actor (Comedy) award at the Gwangju Performance Project’s Pen In Ten 10-Minute Play Festival.

In addition to my acting work, I am a writer, photographer, and dungeon master. I have an ongoing practice that weaves together tarot, herbalism, and magic. My personal passions and interests are soul-centered and deeply influence my work as an actor and visual artist.

From 2010-2017, I blogged here.  At that time, I mostly shared my photographs and wrote about travel and food.

If you are interested in collaborating on a creative project, please reach out.