Talking Cats & Dryads

Recently, I was struck by several late-night creative bursts, during which I scribbled a number of ideas into my notebook under the faint light of a bedside candle. Maybe it’s all the time off I’ve had from my freelance work or hibernating at home to avoid the coronavirus outbreak. Whatever it is, ideas have been flowing! One was for an adventure zine tailored to my mom and her tastes. I wondered, if I were to run a session of D&D or another tabletop roleplaying game for my mom, what elements would I include to ensure her maximum fun?

A lot of what I came up with ended up in the digital zine, which I titled Talking Cats & Dryads and published this week! But I found that the piece became more than a mini-adventure. It became a sort of poem or meditation on the things my mother and I share: a love for plants, familiarity with depression, a dark yet whimsical sense of humor. I’m thrilled to share this work with the world. Download it for free, or send a little payment if you feel moved to do so.

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