Mermaid Self: Visualization

Last week, I ran a session of the Mermaid Adventures RPG for a friend’s birthday. She loves mermaids and I wanted to offer a fun, silly, atmospheric game for her and a few other players. To get the group in the mood to become mermaids, I wrote up a guided visualization and presented it at the start of the session. I later recorded it and mixed it with the same haunting song I’d used at the table, used and shared with permission from the composer, Brandon Feichter.

The script, included below, was adapted from this body scan meditation. Enjoy!

Let’s begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle into a comfortable position.
Close your eyes. With your eyes closed, it will be easier to transport yourself to the land beneath the waves.

Willing the spine to gently lift, your shoulders to soften.

This exercise will help us check in with our bodies, settle our minds, and notice what it feels like to take on our mermaid selves. Note what physiological sensations and emotions arise.

Inside each of us is a mermaid. Our mermaid selves are always with us, they are the part of us that swims, that can breathe underwater, that traverses the great depths of the outer world and of our inner landscape.

Begin by taking a full breath in and a long breath out.

Now, bring awareness to the top of your head, your face, neck, and shoulders. Notice any sensations, movements, any places of holding. Your body is sleek and moist from the ocean, with scales that shimmer from the dots of sunlight that peek down through the waves onto your ocean home. You are weightless in the water. You glide.

Now, moving down to the arms and the hands. What sensations are there? Notice your hands, which you know so well, you use them every day, but today they’re different, aren’t they? These are your mermaid hands. Notice the webbing between your fingers, long and agile, which move so fluidly through the sea.

Sense the back of the body, the front of the body.

Mermaids enjoy fashion of many kinds – weaved threads of kelp and other sea grasses – but many also forgo clothing entirely, allowing their bodies to swish and splash freely about the warm, sun speckled waters of their homes. Which kind of mermaid are you?

Feel your body seated, grounded where you are. Feeling the contact of your body with the chair upon which you sit. Of course, this isn’t a chair; it’s the seafloor, your beautiful, soft, coral-covered home. Sense the part of your body where your legs once were, and your feet. Are there any particular places that call out for attention? Scan to see if there are places where there is a lack of sensation or only very faint sensations. Places where sensations feel most vibrant or dynamic? Pay attention to those places. Then, watch as your legs and feet transform to a gorgeous, rainbow colored tail that flaps and swishes about in the water.

Finally, sense your whole body breathing. You can breathe underwater. This is your natural habitat. Your human form and your mermaid form are one complete organism. Breathe in…and out.

Finishing with a full deep breath in through your nose…and a long breath out through your mouth.

And, mermaid, when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Is this something you would use at your table? I found it incredibly useful for setting the mood, but I’m curious what other GMs think…

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